On Saturday and Sunday 26-27 September 2020

Wat Saddhadhamma will celebrate the Mahachat Great Sermon. It depicts Buddha’s life in previous births before becoming the Buddha. There are many significances in life of the Buddha in previous life, but we will emphasis only Vessantara Jataka which is one of the most well-known and popular of the stories of the Buddha.
The legend of Vessantara is great story of a man who sacrifices his own possessions in becoming the Buddha. In the whole story, the legend of Vessantara is nothing else but devotion, salvation, and being faithful to his own will. He is the protagonist of a good man; who mostly fights within himself to be, or not to be, and overcomes the devils and later becoming the Buddha.
The objective of Mahachat Sermon is to encourage and cultivate us in the vision of life and how to become the Buddha.

26 September 2020                           Sunday 27 September 2020

10.00-10.45 AM          Ten Blessing                      10.00-10.45 AM           Thick Forest
11.00 AM                     Offering Meal to Monks  11.00 AM       Offering Meal to Monks
01.00-01.45 PM          Himalayan Forest             01.00-01.45 PM            The Children
01.45-02.30 PM          Donations                          01.45-02.30 PM            Maddi
02.30-03.15 PM          Entrance into the forest  02.30-03.15 PM            Indra’s words
03.15-04.00 PM          Chuuchok                          03.15-04.00 PM            The Great King
04.00-04.45 PM          Sprase Forest                    04.00-04.45 PM            The Six Royals
                                                                               04.45-05.30 PM Return to the Kingdom

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